Saturday, July 10, 2010

Where does time go?

I have in the last couple of weeks been working towards getting an oil painting class together for CraftEdu. I've been trying to balance time actually painting with time spent on writing my notes and narrative and collecting photos appropriate for that narration. What image do you use for "oil absorption ratios"?? I still have no idea!

Yesterday morning I reorganized my notes for the introduction to oil painting class and added in small thumbnails for the images that I decided to use. I decided it was time to try and put this class together. I figured that it would take a couple of hours and then I could get back up to the studio to work on my painting.

Rule of Thumb: The time it takes to do an assigned task will be significantly longer than the time allotted for that task.

What I thought would take a couple of hours took over 12 hours! Yes, there was the trip to Walmart to get my son some drinks and get Jack some Benadryl and another half hour when I took Jack back to the house, got him into bed and got him his dinner, but most of the day was spent at my computer narrating 60+ minutes of an introduction to oil painting.

"Oil paints are made by" BARK (Thanks, Dodger!)

Take two: "Oil paint" PANT PANT PANT (Dodger!)

Take three: "Oil pa" WOOF WOOF (SHY! Be quiet!!)

Take forty two: " Oil Paints are made by suspending ground pigments" RING RING (dang telemarketers)

It did take all day, but I did it!! There may be a couple of pages that I need to re-record (please, no!!) and I have to divide the class into three sections and record transition narration for the different sections. I probably should do that today, but I'm going to go paint! At least in my studio I can put on my head phones, crank the volume up and be blissfully unaware of all the noises in my everyday life!

Time disappears on me when I'm in my studio, but that's an experience I don't mind at all!

Shy Dodger

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